Home Remedies for Ulcers

home remedies for ulcers

Today one out of 10 people suffer from painful sores called ulcers. According to the American Gastroenterological Association, approximately four million people in United States are fighting with ulcer. Lots of reasons and stories are built up behind ulcers by different people. They can be extremely painful and intolerable sometimes. Let us see what ulcers are, how it is caused and home treatments to cure it. Ulcer: Brief overview Ulcer can be […]

Home Remedies for Cramps

home remedies for cramps

Muscle cramps are common problem experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetimes. You might be sleeping or going out for a walk when cramp takes place. From children to adults, cramps can affect any person at any period of life. However, adults are more vulnerable to cramps.  Basically, in our body, muscle movement occurs in two ways either voluntarily or involuntarily. Muscles that contract and relax during body motion in […]

Home Remedies for Gout

Home remedies for gout

If you suffering from sharp pain in the joints most often in big toe accompanied with inflammation and redness, then you are likely suffering from gout. Gout is one of the kinds of arthritis. About 5% of arthritis people suffer from gout. It causes unexpected and sudden attacks in your joints. Most common area for inflammation is big toe, however knees, ankles, elbows, thumbs or fingers may also be affected. Patient suffers […]